Patients Reviews

Always the best

Dave S. | Jan 10, 2024

Dr Johnson and his staff are so caring they listen and take great care of me. Thanks!

Denise D. | Jun 22, 2023

Done more than other doctors.

Merry B. | Jun 22, 2023

I have seen Dr. Johnson for years and his staff is always helpful and able to treat my running injuries. Today, I took my teenage son to see him after seeing another doctor that suggested surgery on a labrum tear. Dr. Johnson always has other non-surgical options for healing sports related injuries. I very much appreciate at least trying non-surgical treatments before rushing into surgery (especially with a teenager). I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and his staff!

Sarah W. | May 12, 2023

I have visited Dr. Johnson along with my four very active and athletic daughters for many years. Dr. Johnson has always been so. kind and wonderful with each visit. He is able to figure out the issues and treat them appropriately. He does not recommend treatments that are. not necessary and tries to resolve all issues without surgery. If surgery is indicated, I always feel confident everything possible was done prior to arriving at that decision. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and have done so with those who have asked for a recommendation for many years.

Barbara H. | May 12, 2023

Dr. Johnson has a highly competent staff and office. You are seen on time and listened to and receive treatment for your needs.

Rose T. | Apr 13, 2023

I always have a good experience with Dr. Johnson. He and his staff are kind, never rushed, and extremely efficient.

Marilyn S. | Oct 14, 2022

Dr Johnson and his staff has always taken great care to meet all my sports injury type needs… They are wonderful!

Linda E. | Oct 14, 2022

Dr Johnson takes time to listen and doesn’t rush out the door. Staff are friendly.

Alberta A. | Oct 14, 2022